For Supporters/Consumers…or Info For Organizations

We have hundreds of retailers, many of which you may know including Amazon and eBay, listed on this site. Clicking on a link to a retailers and making a purchase earns the organization of your choice a donation (excluding returns), at no extra cost to you! If you do not see the organization of your choice on our participating organizations list, you can suggest one here.

Great Benefits For You

– There is no registration required to use this site!
– You deal directly with the retailers for all payment, customer service, etc!
– With a purchase you earn an organization a donation at no extra cost to you!
– Get the same deals, sales, etc. as anyone else!
– Support more than one organization!
– You are helping food banks!

Where The Donations Go

You get to choose, or suggest the non profit organization of your choice and 30% of the commissions earned go to that organization. Another 30% goes to food banks. We use the remaining to maintain our site, marketing and to create employment.

For Organizations…or Info For Consumers

There are thousands of companies that use affiliate programs to sell their products and services online. Affiliate programs have been in use for many years online. Basically companies will pay commissions to affiliates for referring customers to their business. Using a unique URL, sales are tracked and credited to the referring affiliate. Once a sale is made and the return or refund time runs out, the commission is paid. And this is done at no extra cost to the consumer!

What Organizations Don’t Have To Do
You do not have to stock any products, you do not have to deal with customers, you do not have to handle any complaints or refunds. The customers deal directly with the retailers, just as they would if they had gone online themselves and made a purchase. Organizations will receive a “donation from us”.

What You Can Do
You can place a link on your web site and /or recommend your unique page we set up for you to your members so they can shop and support your organization. Your donation earning site will include Craft & Hobby supplies and resources, Business & Office suppliers and resources, Digital Learning and Business Marketing. There are hundreds of retailers and vendors listed on the pages that have the potential to earn your organization donations. Anyone one in fact that uses your page on this site can potentially earn you a donation.

No Registration
Since visitors will be dealing directly with the retailers, using this service does not require anyone to register, leave an email or any credit card information with us.

When Are Donations Paid?
Companies will normally pay commissions every 30 days and after the refund policy expires. We pay the referring organization 30% in a donation of the commissions earned and we pay food banks a donation of 30% of the commissions earned. We use the remaining 40% to maintain out site and to create employment.

What Costs Are Involved
Participating organization do not have to pay anything to use this service. This is a free service that benefits all non profit organizations and food banks.

Privacy is protected by those retailers users choose to deal with. There is no registration required on this site.

Who Do We Support
Any non profit organization offering that offers a learning opportunity for their community, and food banks in those communities as well. Donations to food banks will be made to the referring organization’s local food bank or to a national food bank service that distributes food.

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