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Business Marketing

If you are in business and want to expand your online presence or expand your business then we have three solutions here…

1. Performance Marketing, 2. Affiliate Marketing and 3. Outsourcing.

1. Performance Marketing

Recommended "All In One Solution", SEMrush, for all of your marketing challenges!

SEMrush is one of the best content marketing, visibility management and SaaS platforms online today. Great for in house marketing campaigns where your marketing team can use SEMrush’s platform to manage all your marketing needs.

They have helped over 5 million marketers make online competition fair, transparent and provide equal opportunities for all businesses. They provide solutions for your marketing challenges and offer services for the following marketing challenges…

Advertising – Ads, Brand Monitoring, Charts, Competition Research, Display Advertising, Domain Overview, Keyword Research, Keyword and Backlink Gap Analysis, Leads, Marketing Calendar, Marketing Workflow, Organic Research, Organic Traffic Insights, Post Tracking, PPC Keyword Tool, Product Listing Ads, Rank Tracking, Related Keywords, Search Engine Sensor, SEO, SEO Checker, SEO Content Template, Site Audit, Social Media Poster, Social Media Tracker, Topic Research, Traffic Analytics

SEMrush offers a powerful set of tools to help you grow your business and boost your performance. They offer a free set of marketing eBooks, browse below and download free.

Download These 9 Free Business Tactics eBooks

>> 11 Growth Tactics for Your Ecommerce Business

>> Competitor Analysis in Uncertain Times

>> Content Marketing Checklist – 25 Things that You Really Should Try in 20

>> In Data We Trust

>> Online Reputation Management Checklist: 7 Ways to Use Mentions

>> SEMrush Healthcare Industry Study

>> SEMrush Toolkit for SEO

>> The State of Content Marketing Report 2019

Performance “in house” Marketing | Outsourcing

2. Affiliate Marketing

Recommended "Affiliate Marketing Solution", Shareasale, for all of your affiliate needs! can increase sales to your online business.

For merchants looking to sell more products and/or services to targeted customers, using a third party affiliate management company is a smart move. Not only will you have an army of dedicated affiliates just waiting to sell for you but you get to approve affiliates that will drive quality traffic to your site. By setting up a merchant account you will get the following services.

Real Time Tracking Keep track in real time when a banner or text link is clicked and if a sale is made.

Segmentation Track the trends of your different affiliate groups, set up targeted content and set up rules and term based commission structures.

Clickstream Attribution View pages your customers are viewing and where on your site customers go to prior to purchasing.

Merchant API Access reporting data in real time, update your links and banners, edit or void transactions and more.

Stores Connect If you have multiple web sites you can divide links and banners, affiliates and more right from your dashboard.

Custom Link Creation Create a multitude of different linking styles, social media and deep linking options directly to products and services.

An Army of Hungry Affiliates More and more people working from home are looking for opportunities to make money and you can access the best affiliates.

They also offer a variety of integrated services which will help you build and grow your Affiliate program. Their client services department is there to help you along the way to get the most out of your low cost investment. Their knowledgable team will provide you with , structuring and implementing recruiting and activation campaigns, seasonal, promotional and dynamic ad banners, developing affiliate tools (datafeeds, videos, widgets, etc.) and crafting and distributing Affiliate communication.

Even more great options.


The welcome kit is a checklist for you to follow to get your affiliate program off the ground.


You get a complimentary comprehensive report that looks at key features of a well managed affiliate program and identify areas that need fine tuning.


You have access to monthly merchant training.

ONE-TIME FEES TO GET STARTED has a simple up-front a one-time Network Access Fee that occurs only after all the setup steps have been completed, and prior to activation on the network.


There are two types of recurring fees you could incur, transaction Fees and monthly minimum Fees. A transaction fee only occurs if an Affiliate sale/lead is made. These fees are based on the Merchant’s chosen payout rate. A monthly minimum fee occurs if, in a given month, your account does not generate a minimum of $35 in fees. There is a grace period for new Merchants.


– Affiliates’ commissions are processed free of charge each month.
– Pre-screening all of your affiliates.
– Your affiliates may contact our help desk at any time for the life of their membership, without any cost to you.
– All banners, buttons, and text links served for you.
– Upload a datafeed of your products, to be used by your affiliates, at no charge.
– Utilize the API to retrieve reporting data on an automated basis, update creatives, void/edit transactions and more!
– At your option, you may grant permission for an affiliate to download your datafeed via the FTP server. This is completely optional, and at your discretion. Each Affiliate you approve carries a nominal $1 charge.

So as you can see with you get all the bells and whistles you need to start and implement a successful affiliate program and start driving even more sales to your business.

Performance “in house” Marketing | Affiliate Marketing

3. Outsourcing

Outsource any marketing and business related job you need done!

Fiverr is the leader for outsourcing. If you are looking to outsource jobs such as, graphics, design, digital marketing, writing, translation, video, animation, music, audio, programming, tech and more.

Fiverr Business The best freelancers can expand your team’s skillset with experienced freelancers already vetted for business projects. Business Success Managers are there to help you match with the right freelancers eliminating guessing and interviews. Share projects and feedback to collaborate with your team and get to the finish line faster. Skip all the overhead of multiple freelancers, monitor your team’s progress, approve transactions, and set budgets with ease. Plus you get +400 service categories, project-based pricing, 24/7 priority support, business success manager, curated catalog of top talent and a collaborative team account provided by Fiverr Business.

Fiverr andCO Handles all of the invoicing, task management, proposals, payments, contracts, recurring payments, expense tracking, reports and time tracking so you don’t have to.

Fiverr’s Courses Learn in-demand skills, professional courses, led by the world’s top experts. Pay only for courses you want to take, no monthly fees. Know the exact cost upfront.

Courses include markting, graphic design, websites, writing, business, video, photography and more with Fiverr’s Courses

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